After Care Program

Harbor House wants to see you maintain your new healthy life of sobriety. Our continuing care program is open to everyone who has completed the residential program. Continuing care at Harbor House meets weekly, and you are welcome to attend this program through your first year of sobriety.

The Significance of Continuing Care

Continuing care is precisely what the name suggests. Harbor House wants to help you build upon the foundation formed during your time in rehabilitation with supportive guidance found in our weekly group meeting. You will meet others who share similar life experiences, and who, like you are working hard to make sober living a priority. Transitioning from rehabilitation to real life is no easy task. Continuing care at Harbor House may reduce your chances of relapsing into substance abuse. You have worked so hard to achieve sobriety. Isn’t it beneficial to continue your care with Harbor House?

Continuing Care Supports You

The weekly meetings at Harbor House will focus on a variety of topics and discussions to help you move forward with your life while maintaining sobriety. You will find that many of the issues you are currently facing may be similar to those of other group members. Some of the advantages of attending continuing care are:

Some of the advantages of attending continuing care are:

Get Started Today

Harbor House applauds you for coming this far. Let us help you through the transition from rehab to real life with our continuing care program. You have reconnected and rediscovered life. Let us help you continue on your way.