Residential Treatment

Harbor House Residential Treatment Program

Harbor House’s 28-day residential treatment program was created to help you reach your recovery goals with individualized, focused therapies. Our three-step program ensures you receive the best personal care while adjusting physically and mentally to a life of sobriety. Our certified professional staff will guide you through each step of the program with support and compassion.


We know the decision to seek treatment is difficult, and we applaud you for the courageous effort you are taking to find refuge at Harbor House. Our first step is to conduct an integrated risk assessment and screening to ensure our services are appropriate for your needs. In the event we are not able to admit you for treatment at Harbor House, we will assist you in finding an alternative program.


Social Model Detoxification Program

Once admitted to Harbor House, you will begin our social model detoxification program. This detoxification program focuses on managing your withdrawal from addictive substances without the use of medication unless otherwise determined by our staff medical doctor. Our team of supportive professionals will guide you through the seven-day detoxification phase while monitoring and managing your withdrawal symptoms. While housed in the social detoxification unit, you will receive rest, proper nutrition, and exercise.

Individualized Recovery Treatment

Upon the completion of detoxification, you will move into the main housing area for the next 21 days of treatment. Your counselor will conduct a detailed psycho-social history to assist in customizing your treatment needs. Harbor House professionals work with a 12-step model along with other accepted therapies such as recovery dynamics, cognitive behavior therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, along with individual and group counseling. Our counselors will help you build a recovery treatment plan to fit your needs. We have found that individualized programs have proven to be the most effective in achieving sobriety and maintaining continued abstinence.

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Harbor House is open to you when you are ready to take the first steps to begin a new life of sobriety. Reconnect and rediscover your life with Harbor House’s residential program.