Halfway Care

Extended Residential Care Program

It is not uncommon to feel you are not prepared to transition into your new life of sobriety after finishing rehabilitation treatment. Extended residential programs are a great way to continue your therapies in a safe place while slowly integrating back into your community. Harbor House’s halfway care program is open to those who have completed the 28-day residential treatment program. We will provide you with the support you need through continued recovery while arming you with the tools and resources required to enter your new healthy life of sobriety.

Our Goal is your Success

While enrolling in Harbor House’s halfway care program for the next 90 days, you will continue your individualized therapies with your counselor. Group counseling, meetings, life skills educational lectures, and family counseling are available to you as part of your treatment. We encourage you to return to work, school or seek employment while living in our safe, structured environment. Our supportive staff will assist you in finding the resources you need to reconnect and progress with your life. Our goal is your success in sobriety for life.

Benefits of residing in halfway care

Extended residential care programs are for those individuals who are not ready to transition back into society without the support and structure found in a treatment center. Some benefits to remaining in halfway care are:

What to Expect

As a guest of Harbor House’s halfway care program, you will be required to adhere to our rules and regulations.

Get Started Today

In Harbor House’s co-occurring disorders program, you will focus on new plans, practices, and personal developments that will serve you in living a life of sobriety.  Reconnect and rediscover life with Harbor House.